By Lanor Productions / 10 February 2015

There's a big transformation going on in York and it's not election related, that's 'same old, same old'.

Over at St Marys an old Victorian house is being transformed into self catering luxury. After helping to transforming Lendal Tower into Self Catering Property of the Year Award Nominee (results to come) we were asked to use our media know how to do the same for 10 St Marys.

So back in the cold month of December we took a step into the unknown, if a house could talk, 10 St Marys would have some fascinating stories to tell. It looked like this Victorian townhouse had been fairly unloved recently; a few holes here, some interesting colour schemes there, luckily the owners of Lendal Tower have come along with some big plans and most importantly some TLC.

Above is a quick preview video of some of the shots we took. Later this year, when the refurbishment is complete we'll be heading back, putting our camera's in the same place and showing the transformation in a stunningly visual way.

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A few Pre-refurb images or 'PreFurb' as we like to call it.

  • Filming

    There'll be new, stylish taps.

  • Filming

    This room will be transformed into a games room.

  • Filming

    The stairs scene, say good bye to those carpets.

  • Filming

    An old map of York.

  • Filming

    Filming an old kitchen before it's ripped out.